Its garbage and lawn day. Neither of which Alicia and I are the least bit excited about. 



We took the trash out last night, because we don’t like getting up at six in the morning to greet the garbage truck. Speaking for myself, the trash looks way better than I do at that time of day… 

Alicia said I looked like a burgler wrapped up in my hoodie and running around. She demanded that I not dart towards the house. She didn’t want the neighbors calling the police. I complained that no one would do that where I come from. She basically told me to hush up. 

We now have to bring the cans in the back and mow the lawn. Alicia took a nap to prepare herself for the work…haha. I lounged on the couch and ate cornbread while waiting for Bonanza to be on and for Alicia to get up and watch it. Studying these hardworking cowboys gives us strength to go mow the lawn. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.